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[The deal] didnt fall apart. It was affirmed by the Trump administration. Famously we now know that the prime minister had a difficult telephone conversation with president Trump and the outcome of that was that president Trump committed to the deal, he said. George Brandis defends Australias asylum deal with US on Q&A Both Brandis and Akerman denied the suggestion from the human rights lawyer Julian Burnside that Trump had made it clear he doesnt want Muslims coming into America. His executive order was physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 about seven nations, but didnt include the largest nations with the largest Islamic populations in the world, Akerman claimed. Burnside, a prominent refugee advocate, pressed the issue: Attorney general, as the senior law officer of the country, do you believe that asylum seekers who come to Australia commit any offence? They commit offences against our migration laws, said Brandis. I am not going to quote you a section. Thats because there isnt one. Youre just wrong, Burnside replied. Panellist Michele Levine, the chief executive of Roy Morgan polling, revealed that a special poll conducted for the program showed the nation divided 50-50 on whether asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru should be brought back to Australia.